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Pedro confirms that he leaves Chelsea at the end of the season and then has to clarify it

Gabby Barker



Pedro has confirmed that he will leave Chelsea when his contract ends at the end of this season, according to The Independent of some of his statements in SER: “I'm going to end my contract, but right now it's not the most important thing. What happens regarding my future will be seen, but at this moment it is not important since we do not even know when we will train and compete again.

“As many people know, my contract expires in May,” he says, “but I have not yet spoken to the club about whether or not it will be renewed and whether I will continue.”

Then the player himself Tirnefeño, 32, who came to London in the summer of 2015 from Barça, He had to clarify his words on the Chelsea website: “I've seen a lot of messages from Chelsea fans saying goodbye and thanking me for the time I spent here, which I appreciate, but I'd like to tell all the fans just that my current contract is coming to an end, but I still have to Talk to the club. I don't know if I'll keep playing here or not. That conversation is yet to come. But I haven't signed for any other club. I belong to Chelsea. I have a contract, my wish is to be able to stay here, but obviously we don't know what It will happen. I have to talk to the club and let's see what happens. “


Pedro also focused on how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting him, and has lived it up close with his teammate's psychoactive Callum Hudson-Odoi: “The most important thing is for everyone to show solidarity. We have been quarantined because one of our players (Hudson-Odoi) tested positive for coronavirus. Now he is fine and we are very happy for him. “

According to some information, Pedro, who was unable to spend time with his children due to travel restrictions, paid 3,000 protective screens for Spanish hospitals: “I am very sorry for everything that is happening and the news that comes to us from Spain. From here, once again I thank all the health personnel, the State Security Forces, the people who are in the supermarkets every day. Thank you all for the work you are doing. Hopefully we can stop this virus. “.

Pedro provided, on the Chelsea website, more details on how his foundation is trying to help in his homeland, where the effects of the virus are especially bad. “We are working together with many hospitals, not only in the Canary Islands, but also in Madrid, Barcelona and other parts of Spain. We have started some good projects that include the distribution of protective screens for all nurses, doctors, security guards and police. We are trying to distribute as many protective masks as possible to all these professionals, not only in the Canary Islands, but in the areas where there have been the most cases, in Madrid and Catalonia.

He continued: “We are also trying to help many people through this initiative by providing food for health workers. Given the long hours they work, it is sometimes difficult for them to have access to food, so we are delivering meals to workers in different hospitals in various places. These are some of the first initiatives we have, but we are open to get involved with many others. I will try to help as many people as possible so that once again we can thank all the people who face this situation day after day and who have to deal with the virus, and the people who have been affected by it. daily. We want to thank you once again in this way for the work you are doing every day. “

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