Paz Padilla defends Alejandra Rubio’s pregnancy and her words outrage the networks: “But how stupid!”

Wave of criticism for the comedian from Cadiz, who attended the end of season party held by her new boss, Ana Rosa Quintana, at her home in Madrid on Thursday. Outside the house, Paz Padilla He spoke to reporters and defended Alejandra Rubio, pregnant with her first child at the age of 24: “Physically and as a mother, everyone who can procreate is prepared. You go to Africa, you go to India and there they have children at 12, 14 or 16 years old.”, said. The response from Internet users has been unanimous: “That’s very ignorant.”

The users of the social network Not even if we were shhh… has revealed that the actress spoke badly about Terelu behind her back when they were working on Save me: “She’s a fake. Now she’s a friend,” said the one from Paracuellos.