Paulino de la Fuente was the hero who catapulted Málaga against Girona. His double crowned a great game for José Alberto's team, who made a waste of intensity and self-confidence on the lawn of La Rosaleda and promoted the blue and white team to the playoff spots. The costumes and the fans exude illusion. Paulino visited the set of Malaguista Area on 101 TV and he did not hide that the good moment of the team awakens illusion among the fans and, of course, also within the booth. “The team is excited, there are young people with ambition. The goal is to reach 50 points as soon as possible and then, what we talk about, we want to dream and be as high as possible. We have to set the objectives as they were at the beginning of the season and grow with the work we are doing. From there, excite people, that people excite us. We are young, hard-working people, willing to learn ”, he assured.

His first goal against Girona was very beautiful. A perfect left foot against which Juan Carlos could do nothing: “Kevin's action was very good, he managed to find me and I saw the goalkeeper in advance. I thought it was the best option and luckily it was a goal. We already deserved it and the truth is that he gave us life. There are days that the ball does not want to enter and others that it gives you moments like these. You have to always be there to work, so that it comes in most of the time. We were able to dedicate a victory to our people. In the action of the 2-0 you can see the illusion and ambition of the people. It is not easy in the 95th minute the play and the career that Brandon makes, who also deserved the goal because he had done an exceptional job. Four people involved in the area, that speaks of the desire and enthusiasm that the team has”.

Coat of Arms / Flag Málaga

Paulino also addressed other issues related to the current situation surrounding the team:

Atmosphere in La Rosaleda: “People for us are essential, we need them to keep going. Other days like in Almería or the previous games I would have liked to be more successful, but I am feeling much better. This is a small individual reward because I had stayed in the other matches with a bit of a bittersweet taste. He kept trusting that he had to get there, that he was having chances. I was lucky to be able to give them victory ”.

His double, a turning point ?: “The ball to the post touches Bernardo, it would have been with a bit of luck, but I knew he was about to fall. We all deserved it at the group level, but we were doing well beyond the definition. I hope it is a turning point and gives me confidence, I needed to premiere. In the end we are here to help the team and try to score goals. Not only did I have those from Almería, I also had one against Alcorcón with the right hand that Dani Giménez stopped well. The important thing is that the team wins, but if you can help them win with goals, all the better ”.

Gesture of José Alberto before the 2-0: “The coach made a gesture to me if it was okay to continue, I said yes. In the end everyone wanted to be on the field as much as possible and I was feeling well. Obviously you accumulate fatigue from the game. The team can be asked many things, but we know that the effort is non-negotiable. We have to be giving one hundred percent because we know that this way the people will be on our side, it is the least we can give them, leaving everything on the field and for the shield. in the last action, with four players arriving in the area in the 95th minute. It seems crazy to me. I have seen the goal repeated and although it is uglier than the first, it is just as important. It talks about the team's ability, its ambition, his desire … Brandon also deserved the goal for the work he has been doing in recent games. It will come to him too, these are situations that happen, one day they fail and the next I hope he can give us victory ” .

A wardrobe with a lot of joke: “The most important thing and what I liked the most when I got here is the costumes. From the captains, who welcomed us with a love of milk, there is a lot of laughter, a very good atmosphere. That is the most important thing and what it is reflecting That the team goes 'full' until the last minute of the game. There is chemistry and I hope that it continues to exist throughout the season and hopefully it can translate into victories for us, for the fans and for the people. We all deserve it. “

Her celebration with Kevin: “It was a gesture that we spoke at the time. We said 'hey, let's make a gesture for the fans and for ourselves'. It has no special meaning. It was on the fly. goal, he had given me the assist and we decided to do that. “

Kevin's breakthrough: “Football and personally he is a great player. We have to take care of him a lot, it is not easy for young people. I have been there recently, it is my second season in professional football, and we have to take care of him. I always talk to him, we have to keep your feet on the ground, work. Your renewal has already been announced and they are rewards you deserve but you cannot stay alone in that. You have to continue, you do not have to come up or down, you have to work as you have done since The first day I arrived and met him. He and all the kids in the quarry have a very high level. When I arrived I thought it was not normal. There were ten or twelve players left to reach the squad and there was already a very high level. Haitam, Larrubia , Julio, Roberto, Andrés, Quintana, Bilal … I could tell you all of them. The ten or twelve who were with us had a very high level. It was crazy. We trusted that they could give us a lot and important. They showed it against Ibiza , that between Haitam and Roberto we they gave a point. “

Malaga as a city: “I am from the north and I sweat a lot at home, but it is very good here. The weather is very good, the joy of the city, it eats spectacularly. In the north it is a bit colder, but you also eat very well and it is very beautiful. You have to enjoy everything. We live in a beautiful country, each area has its own things and I am delighted. I have a very good quality of life. The people seem spectacular to me, the treatment of the fans, the club… Let's hope everything continues to go well ”.

How long did it take to decide on Malaga ?: “Honestly, it was kind of clear to me. Manolo gave me good feelings. For the players it is difficult because you have more options and you do not know which is the best. In the end we look for the best at a sporting level. In these situations, young players do not have to look for money, but for the sporting situation, which is what will make you reach more and I thought so from the beginning. My family and I had it clear. Malaga was there from the beginning. Manolo and the coach put a lot of trust in me, it was clear to me and we couldn't say no. At the moment it is going well and I am delighted with the decision I made at the time ”.

Zaragoza pressed to sign him: “There was one more option, but I didn't have that same illusion or desire and when something gets into your head, you want to see it and be there. I wanted to be there from the beginning of the preseason, to work well and I made up my mind from the beginning. I am delighted. I couldn't make a better decision ”.