Lydia Lozano She has become very nervous this Friday in the Deluxe when Patricia Donoso has asked him directly “what’s wrong with Charly with me?” The journalist was incredulous, since the presence of Ortega Cano’s former friend on the program was to talk about the bullfighter’s museum and not to name her husband.

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“I’ve stayed dead. If he doesn’t know you at all…”, Lozano told him. “Yeah, that’s why. (Charly) He told some of our friends to stay away from us and not even eat with us,” revealed Donoso.

Lydia, who did not understand where Patricia was going, insisted on knowing which friends she was referring to. “Blue blood runs through their veins,” Patricia clarified. “I don’t know what animosity (Charly) has with the universe Save mewhen you belong to this world She said not to eat with us because this world was very dark. Like we’re kind of weird,” she added angrily.

Then, the Mediaset collaborator exploded: “How is my husband going to say that it is a dark world, when I have been in this world for 25 years! It is ridiculous!” At that moment, Kiko Matamoros intervened to position himself with the guest and reminded Lydia that she saw Charly very affected by how the socialist came home in her hardest days of work: “She received a lot of rejection because you had a bad time, crying, and you said it here.” “What does what I have suffered with you have to do with this lady?” Lydia settled.