Patricia Conde, the delinquent presenter with Hacienda repescada by TVE, speaks: we know what you did

He has returned to TVE, where he went with more controversy than success at that time. MasterChef Celebrity from two years ago. She was one of the brave ones who spoke about the pressure that the organization imposes on the contestants or that some of her colleagues took drugs during the space. That halo of magic that gives beauty to some people, not all, or an extremely telegenic smile are sometimes allies of television professionals. Patricia Conde keeps those and other virtues of her intact at 45 splendid years, and she can now also add a quarter of a century of experience. However, she has never done anything as good as that one again. I know what you did where she masterfully nailed the role of a strong but naive blonde, enough to let Ángel Martín throw us a joke. She liked the role that the Swede played so much and she forgot to pay part of the taxes on the money she earned. Or she got confused.

A year ago now, after appearing again in the list of Treasury defaulters, she was so wide with this statement: “I don’t care what they say,” she commented before explaining that she had paid. Will it be true? Can TVE hire defaulters with that Treasury, which is all of us? Three years ago it was published that the actress had lost in court against the Treasury, after the National Court rejected the appeal presented by her regarding the personal income tax returns of 2007, 2008 and 2009 and accused her of “conscious and voluntary fraud.” . It may be resolved. In any case, Patricia could use some money. The woman from Valladolid has caught a hit again on television and has been placed at the head of Invictus, do you dare? another dose of celebrities that comes to public television in the form of a contest where two teams of celebrities face all kinds of challenges.

Patricia herself says in The reason that the mess (she doesn’t call it that) “is a great amusement park where sport and humor make a perfect mix.” Things aside, the comedian, logically, promotes the invention and defends that she laughs a lot with the team. Bibiana Fernández, Loles León or Julio Iglesias Jr. are some of the characters who, in exchange for their cachet, act as jesters alongside the comedian, who somehow denies her origins when Cristina Fernández asks her in Paco Marhuenda’s newspaper about a reunion of the staff of I know what you did and answers that “in this profession, as in life, it is about evolving.” That is, not as much as an elegant comb to Pilar Rubio, Ángel Martín or Berta Collado, but rather we look ahead. The truth is that they saw each other not so long ago: “We met again recently at Neox and it was incredible to see each other,” she adds.

In some way, in her interview, Patricia Conde reproaches her bosses I know what you did that at 25 years old they could “come live without having read the script first.” Patricia has an 11-year-old son, Lucas, the result of her brief marriage to Carlos Seguí. She tries to keep her private life away from fame although she has had relationships as high in the media as that of Dani Martín. The first boyfriend that we remember was back in 2000: the tennis player Carlos Moyá, husband of Carolina Cerezuela and coach of Rafa Nadal.

At that time she was a presenter for El Informal. She later became the leader of El Canto del Loco. Although they had met in high school. She also dated Miguel Torres, now Paula Echevarría’s husband. She married, for the first and last time to date, with Carlos Seguí in 2012 and they had Lucas. With Javier de Miguel, no one is clear if they were dating. Her last known partner was the comedian Ernesto Sevilla, one of the creators of Muchachada Nui, but in February 2016 their breakup was announced.

Programs and loves aside, Patricia earns some money online, where she shows off her love for using anti-aging products. The presenter is also a business influencer, shareholder and founder of Actiage, a medical platform based on the latest scientific evidence specialized in anti-aging. Just in case the creams are not enough, she admits that she follows “a strict gluten-free diet,” and that she follows circadian rhythms: “Because staying up late is the worst for the cells,” she says. Patricia Conde says in the interview that she doesn’t take sugar, she doesn’t drink alcohol and she doesn’t smoke, but she also avoids “toxic people and environments” and avoids “unnecessary stress.” Let’s hope she doesn’t read these things.