A great goal from a foul by Pathé Ciss aggravated Albacete's bad start to the season at the Fernando Torres stadium, which lost its third game without scoring a single goal yet, and keeps Fuenlabrada in the prestigious area of ​​LaLiga SmartBank.

Fuenlabrada took a physical duel, of intensity and dispute, so even that a hit action from set pieces would define it. It was the reference of the game of José Ramón Sandoval's team, Pathé Ciss, who assumed gallons in a foul without the specialist Hugo Fraile in the squad.

Fuenlabrada has plenty of confidence that Albacete lacks. His need for a goal caused inaccuracies when he advanced lines. The risk of leaving spaces at Kanté's speed was high and the French forward warned the first one that he could run, after poor control by Javi Jiménez, in an action that Tomeu saved by covering his post.

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The French forward of Fuenlabrada, Randy Ntkea-Kanté, made his debut as a starter and showed complicity. Randy's physique prevailed and his vision into space at the speed of Kanté who forgave. Albacete reacted but accused his lack of punch. The presence of Ortuño and Zozulia ensures the shot but they had no aim.

The set piece was a key point of the duel. The slates of Sandoval and Lucas Alcaraz facing each other. Thus came Ortuño's shot with a right-handed cross, near the post. The striker ran into Pol after a great action. He left Iribas with ease and smashed his shot into the goalkeeper's body. They were Albacete's best moments in the game, which called for a penalty in a shot by Zozulia at the second post by hand but the referee saw a foul in attack.

Without a clear owner of the duel, with an exchange of occasions, the first act was closed by Pathé Ciss forgiving a clear action after a corner kick, finishing free of the mark and at will but with a chopped head that found no door. Tomeu avoided Cristóbal's goal with a stretch and bad luck was fed to Javi Jiménez who was injured in his debut with Albacete.

Equality would vanish in the second act at the moment in which Fuenlabrada took a step forward for the game and Albacete lacked answers. He stroked the goal, of course, in strategic action when Juanma finished off a corner and saw how Kanté deflected the trajectory of a ball that was going into the goal and sent it out.

The victory would come to Fuenlabrada with a lack masterfully launched by Pathé Ciss. The hit, from top to bottom, unstoppable for Tomeu's flight. It was minute 65 and Sandoval's men put ice on the match. They lowered the pulsations, they cooled the game rhythm and they armed themselves defensively. They did not suffer at any time. Albacete only left a deflected header from Zozulia in a low offensive baggage to avoid an unbridled fall with three consecutive defeats without scoring.

Data sheet:

Fuenlabrada: Pol Freixanet; Iribas, Sotillos, Juanma, Glauder; Pathé Ciss, Cristóbal (Aldair, m.62) (Pol Valentín, m.82), Frenchu ​​(Pinchi, m.62), Iban Salvador (Dieguez, m.79); Randy Nteka and Kanté.

Albacete: Tomeu; Carlos Isaac (Benito, m.83), Boyomo, Javi Jiménez (Arroyo, m.38), Caballo; Álvaro Jiménez (Miguel Ángel, m.83), Azamoum, Silvestre, Manu Fuster; Ortuño (Javi Navarro, m.83) and Zozulia.

Goal: 1-0, m.65: Pathé Ciss.

Referee: Milla Alvendiz (Andalusian Committee). He admonished Glauder (56) and Iribas (94) for Fuenlabrada; and Boyomo (23), Ortuño (69), Zozulia (71) and coach Lucas Alcaraz (14) for Albacete.

Incidents: Meeting corresponding to the third day of LaLiga SmartBank, played in the stadium at the Fernando Torres stadium behind closed doors.


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