Paloma Cuevas’ parents, discharged after a mild case of pneumonia and COVID

Victoriano Valencia91 years old, and his wife, Paloma Diaz, 70, were discharged this afternoon after being hospitalized for a few days with a mild case of pneumonia and COVID, respectively. A situation that has never been worrying, because their evolution has been favorable in their respective ailments. Therefore, there is no danger of the presence of Paloma at the first concert Luis Miguel in Spain, next Friday at the Bullring in Córdoba, his girlfriend’s hometown.

Paloma is very close to her parents, whom she adores. Precisely they were her greatest support after her separation from Enrique Ponce and they applauded her new romance with Luis Miguel, whom they welcomed with open arms. In fact, Victoriano joked on several occasions about a possible wedding between them and gave his blessings to the couple publicly: “The wedding now depends on them. He is an extraordinary boy in that aspect. I am very happy because he is a gentleman, he is a gentleman and he is in love, they are in love. He cares for and loves my daughter very much”, he said a couple of months ago. Then he also revealed his plans to accompany his ‘son-in-law’ at the concerts he will give at the Santiago Bernabéu on July 6 and 7, something that he will probably have to cancel for health reasons.

The public reappearance of Luis Miguel and Paloma, which could take place this Friday in Córdoba, generates great media expectation following the statements of Luis Alfonso de Borbón, who assured a few days ago that the artist and the designer had gotten married in Las Vegas. Some words that some, not all, interpreted as a joke: “I don’t believe it,” said Susanna Griso.