Pablo Urdangarin repeats special friend: hand in hand taking a walk through Barcelona

Pablo Urdangarin has a friend more special than the others. Although the nephew of King Felipe VI He has been seen with different girls, there are already two times when he is with the same young woman, first sweethearted in a store, and days later walking hand in hand through the Sarrià neighborhood of Barcelona. She is about a mysterious blonde-haired girl, whose identity is unknown at the moment.

Just two photos shown by the AR program have served to verify that the son of the infanta christina he repeats with the young blonde with whom he had been seen caring through the images published by the magazine Lectures this Wednesday.

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According to the program, a witness of that walk assures that both young people were seen to be very affectionate and that they even went hand in hand through the streets of Barcelona. In the photographs you can see how they take a walk through the Sarrià neighborhood.

The son of Iñaki Urdangarin He is one of Barcelona’s golden bachelors. Handsome, intelligent and athletic, he is the prince charming of the millennials, who sigh for one look from him. And he, of course, has allowed himself to be loved, like any single 22-year-old boy.

Apparently, the young man has maintained a friendship with at least three girls at the same time, as the journalist told alexia rivas: “Pablo Urdangarin has been having an intimate friendship with a person from my closest circle for several months. When the news comes out that he is in love, this person from my circle asks him. Pablo laughs and says ‘Please, it seems incredible that don’t know me. This is not true.”

However, the young blonde with whom he was photographed in an affectionate attitude, and who now accompanies him for a walk, may be the one who finally stands out among the affections of the FCBarcelona handball player.