One is not where you are born, but where you grow. The Spanish proverb, perogruyo almost always, is right on most occasions. And in this one, too. How many people claim to have been born in one place, but have their hearts in another. It is what has such a globalized world in which it is common to see Spanish footballers crossing the pond or traveling to the antipodes to continue kicking the ball. It is the case of Pablo Gallego, which saw the light in Huesca 27 years ago but, as of this weekend, is also a Nicaraguan citizen. The Spaniard swore the flag and claims to feel exulted by a news that goes beyond the sporting level. “What this country has given me, also on a personal level, is wonderful. I am happy here”, affirms to Migrants of the Ball after committing to defend the collective interests of Nicaragua.

“I want to thank Denis Salinas, president of Managua, and the entire board of directors. Also to the Nicaraguan Federation, which has done a lot of its part in this process,” says Pablo Gállego who He has scored 43 goals in the more than 100 games he has played in Nicaraguan football. First with Real Estelí, the first club that gave him the opportunity to play in Centraomérica, and then with Managua FC, with which he won a Cup and played in the CONCACAF League. “Now, as a Nicaraguan player, I have to give my best. I just came out of a small injury that has kept me out for two weeks and I hope to recover my best level so that the coach takes me into account“, details Gállego, for whom playing with the 'Azul y Blanco' is a priority. The Spaniard participated in the last microcycles and hopes to officially debut the qualifying phase for the World Cup in Qatar, which will resume next March.

“Nicaragua will always occupy a special place in my heart”

Pablo Gállego, Managua FC player

Becoming the second Spanish footballer -before Dani Cádena- international with Nicaragua is one of the reasons why Pablo Gállego chose to continue in Managua FC. The Spanish received offers from Ecuador, Bolivia or El Salvador, but all were rejected with the aim of continuing to wear the elastic of the lions and being able to represent Nicaragua at the international level. “I am very proud to be Hispanic-Nicaraguan”, persists Gállego without forgetting that all his loved ones reside in Spain, almost 9,000 kilometers away. “I don't know what will happen in the future, but Nicaragua will always occupy a special place in my heart. I was not born being Nica, but I will die being Nica,” concludes the Huesca.

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