The Spanish tennis player Pablo Carreño, who won the bronze medal in the individual table of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, highlighted this Friday that Gijón is where he trained as an athlete and person, although he has had to go abroad to continue his sporting career, and the fact that he is recognized in his city is what he feels “most proud” of.

“What I am most proud of is that I am recognized in my city as a tennis player,” Carreño pointed out during the reception offered at the Gijón City Hall, chaired by the mayor of Gijón, Ana González (PSOE), and with the presence of municipal spokesmen, among other authorities.

Carreño, likewise, has appreciated what everyone does for him. At the same time, he has indicated that he is going to give everything he can, trying “to the maximum” to be a reference for children who in the future can get to where he is.

The mayor of Gijón, for her part, thanked Carreño “for being as he is.” In this line, he has transferred to him that, even in a world of the highest level, he is a person close to his city, careful with it and with the club in which he was formed, in the Covadonga Group, and has especially stressed that he agreed to give the proclamation of the Big Week. In addition, he has drawn attention to the achievements of the Gijon, especially in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

The Gijón councilor has stressed that Carreño has carried “the name of Gijón around the world” and that he has “courage and psychological strength” that is “commendable”. In this sense, he stressed that “physical and psychological overcoming skills” are required. “You really are one of the greats, a pride for the city,” he assured.

Together with this, he has praised the work that sports clubs do in the sports training of many children, of which Carreño is a clear example, according to González. “Thank you very much and many successes”, he wished the tennis player from Gijón.

The president of the Principality of Asturias Tennis Federation (FTPA), Fernando Castaño, also spoke at the event., which has been sure that it will continue to accumulate successes. On this, he stressed that in a “tiny” federation like the one he presides over, in which they try to excite children in a “very beautiful and ungrateful” sport, it is an honor to be able to count on a reference as close as Carreño.


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