This 2021 football forever in the memory txuri urdin closed with a bitter taste in the mouth. Villarreal took the three points from Anoeta in a game in which he was better, but in which the just expulsion of Oyarzabal Groguet facilitated the victory when Real seemed to be growing in the game and the result was 1-1. With numerical superiority, those of Emery sentenced thanks to the blackboard and the talent of a Gerard Moreno huge that put the rubric to his two goals with a final assist. Mind you, he did it right after Rollers, with a save, avoid the goal of Sorloth.

La Real was not comfortable from the opening whistle. Villarreal took the initiative, forcing the Txuri Urdin to defend or play with the ball away from the goal of Rollers. The groguet midfield clearly prevailed, with Capua Y Equal marking the times and Gerard Moreno threatening in depth. The vertigo was constant.

However, the one who first warned was the Real when taking advantage of Isaac a bad control of Pau Torres to swipe the ball and go on the run in search of Rollers, who with his arm deflected his shot somewhat heeled.

Villarreal’s response was immediate. At the minute Yéremi Pino fired excessively crossed in good position and shortly after the center of Alberto Moreno The Canarian winger failed to head it into the mouth of the goal. Although for the occasion of Day, who received a ball leaked by Gerard Moreno that the Franco-Senegalese, before Ryan, sent to the sky of Donostia with everything in favor.

Those of Emery They gave the impression of being more, but in defense they conceded too much. A robbery of Aihen at the edge of the area allowed Oyarzabal center e Isaac nodding at the hands of Rollers. And an exquisite center of Januzaj with the outside of his left leg he did not head it Oyarzabal two meters from the goal at the first post, nor Isaac in the second as I was not expecting the ’10’ error.

They were the best minutes of a Real who found the prize after a great personal action by Isaac, which broke Pino already Capua to put the ball to the furthest post with the inside of his right foot, overcoming the stretch of Rollers. Golazo.

Villarreal conceded the goal well and immediately got to work in search of the equalizer, which they found in the 37th minute in a slate action in which Equal executed the corner kick and Gerard Moreno, after a crash of Albiol a Zubeldia, headed free of mark to beat Ryan. Right before the break.

Oyarzabal’s serious mistake

The second half started with a Real who stepped forward until the reckless tackle from behind Oyarzabal a Yéremi Pino and his expulsion forced Imanol to intervene in the party.

The oriotarra put Port Y Barrenetxea for Januzaj Y Silva, adopting the Real a 4-4-1, with the newly incorporated playing in band and Merino Y Zubimendi forming a double pivot.

Villarreal, logically, took over the ball with a Real in their field betting on the counter. Like the one that rode Barrenetxea, which enabled in depth to Port so that the Murcian was filled with the ball.

The set piece continued to be the best resource of the players. Emery to make danger. After another corner, Ryan He avoided the goal with a good shot from Gerard Moreno in small area, after a good wall with Pau Torres. And in the 67th minute the goal came. Nth corner taken by Alberto Moreno and headed at the near post by Gerard Moreno, who else, whose cross shot did not reach it Ryan.

In inferiority to the Real, he had no choice but to go upstairs to look for the tie, leaving spaces behind him. The risk became more evident with the entry of Sorloth for Zubeldia. Everything to a letter while Villarreal clothed himself to play his cards.

The draw was precisely Sorloth at minute 91 in a center of Barrenetxea that the Norwegian headed to the edge of the small area so that Rollers take the ball acrobatic. The Argentine, who left Anoeta through the back door, slammed the door to the tie before Gerard Moreno will culminate its exhibition with an attendance to Take it to sign the final 1-3.

R. Society Villarreal



13 M. Ryan 13 G. Rulli
2 J. Zaldua 8 J. Foyth
5 I. Zubeldia 82 ‘ 3 R. Albiol
(23 A. Sørloth) 4 Pau
24 R. Le Normand 12 P. Estupiñán 61 ‘
12 Aihen Munoz 82 ‘ (24 A. Pedraza)
(15 Diego Rico) 21 Yéremy 61 ‘
11 A. Januzaj 52′ (11 S. Chukwueze)
(7 Port) 6 E. Capoue 93′
21 D. Silva 52′ (10 V. Iborra)
(22 A. Barrenetxea) 5 D. Parejo
3 Zubimendi 18 Alberto Moreno 82 ‘
8 Mikel Merino 65 ‘ (14 M. Trigueros)
(6 A. Elustondo) 7 Gerard Moreno
19 A. Isaac 16 B. He is 82′
10 M. Oyarzabal (23 Very Gomez)

Goals:(1-0) A. Isak (32 ‘), (1-1) Gerard Moreno (38’), (1-2) Gerard Moreno (68 ‘), (1-3) S. Chukwueze (96’)

Cards:L P. Estupiñán (27 ‘), Mikel Merino (43’), Pau (44 ‘), D. Parejo (81’), J. Zaldua (88 ‘)L M. Oyarzabal (49′)

Referee: Jorge Figueroa Vazquez

Spectators: 29,679 in Anoeta

THE BEST Gerard Moreno’s double header
WORST Oyarzabal’s ugly entrance that cost him the red