Oyarzabal: “We could have scratched all three points”

The captain of Real Sociedad, Mikel Oyarzabal, was satisfied with the work of his team, which drew 0 against Real Madrid. He assures that little by little the team will improve physically and that they leave with the feeling of having been able to win. In the field he faced Odegaard, who a few weeks ago was his partner and of whom he has also spoken.

Match: “It was a close match, with chances for both teams. We leave with the feeling that we could have scored more points with the work we have done.”

Suffering: “They didn't hurt us excessively. We knew we were going to have to run and defend all together. Suffering at some point in the game was part of the plans.”

Tiredness in the final stretch: “Everything affects. The fact of having less period to rest, to prepare … Little by little we will improve physically all the teams and we will arrive fresher at the end of the matches.”

Odegaard: “He is a very dear person here. Today we wanted things not to turn out for him. He will gradually pick up the tone and give the callus there.”