overcomes his depression and returns to the stage with La oreja de Van Gogh

Great news for all fans (and of course friends) of the Basque singer: Amaia Montero returns to the stage. And she doesn’t do it alone! The artist returns to Van Gogh’s earthe group with which he conquered Spain and half the world with hits like The beach o January 20 and with whom he is designing a tour that they will announce in the coming weeks. The journalist Isabel Rábago has advanced it: “The whole group is supporting her.”

At 47 years old, Amaia becomes the authentic Phoenix that is reborn from its ashes after a truly complicated time. The artist from Irún has had addiction and mental health problems for more than a decade. Her last performances, under the effects of anxiolytic substances, were highly criticized and she hit rock bottom: “I have been shaken viciously and personally. What I have suffered has been harassment, pure bullying, a massacre”, he said on one occasion. He was also affected by the continuous comments about his physique and his weight: “In this country, gaining weight is the worst thing you can do. I was away for a while preparing the album and, when I reappeared, everyone started talking about my physical change, my facial transformation. I’ve been hit on all sides” .

In 2019, her father died and Amaia suffered a major crisis. The situation was so delicate that with the advice and support of her family, she decided to withdraw from the media spotlight and recover her physical and mental health, which led her to enter several specialized centers. In 2022, alarm bells went off when the artist shared a photograph on social media in which she appeared visibly deteriorating along with a hopeless message: “If hope is the last thing to die and I haven’t lost it yet, what good is my life? Destroyed”he prayed.

The last ‘scare’ occurred in July 2023, when she was admitted to the ICU of a Madrid hospital after suffering a significant cut on her hand that required surgery. So friends like Cayetana Guillén Cuervo o Gonzalo Mirowith whom she dated for a year and a half and with whom she maintains a good friendship, they reassured everyone by assuring that it was “nothing serious.”

Return in style

The situation has improved and Amaia is much more recovered, so much so that she is preparing a return to the stage as the vocalist of Van Gogh’s Ear, as revealed by Rábago. The truth is that Montero has left clues on her social networks in recent months: a few days ago she congratulated Xavier San Martín Beldarrain for his 47th birthday with the lyrics of one of his most famous songs (“I love you, I adore you and I love you again”).

He also dedicated a beautiful message to Pablo Benegaswho has just published his first book, Memory: “I feel very lucky to be part of this story, to be your friend. Now I understand that it could not be any other way to coincide in this life and write together that magical stage discovering a world that we did not know to fill it with songs. I love you very much and I am very proud of you, just like your father and all of us who love you, that’s for sure.”

On May 27, she shared a tweet that turned the networks upside down: her famous pink jacket along with the phrase “And every day I repeat to myself that there isn’t that much left.” The fans shouted together: the return was near.