The last weeks have left some extra-sports situations in Cádiz that have attracted attention. The last one has been Milutin Osmajic’s night out that ended with two fights and a bottle to the head for the striker. However, today the footballer himself has offered his version of events through his social networks and he claims he was “attacked by two guys who were drunk and high.” Osmajic insists that he was not under the influence of alcohol.

The events took place at dawn from October 12 to 13, the day that the Cádiz squad had to rest. The Montenegrin went to a well-known nightclub on the Paseo Marítimo in Cádiz. Inside the premises the first brawl took place and, later, once the forward had left the establishment, the second fight of the night began. The National Police had to go to the scene.

Now, Milutin Osmajic offers his version of events through his social networks and explains the following: “I am writing to comment on the situation that happened in Cádiz. It is not true what the media write. I was attacked by two guys who were drunk and drugged who attacked me with a bottle to the head. I wanted to go home, but they waited for me in front and attacked me again. I had to defend myself. Incidence that he was not under the influence of alcohol and that he was not guilty. I did not come to fight and drink alcohol. I came to play soccer in the strongest league in the world and to represent all of Montenegro. Thanks!”

Photo by Milutin Osmajic

Regardless of what happened that night, what is a fact is that Cádiz has taken action on the matter. The first thing was to open a disciplinary file on the footballer to learn about the events that occurred and, in addition, the Montenegrin striker has gone on to train with the Cadista subsidiary, team with which he had a record although his place until now was always in the first team. Osmajic has not had much prominence in the eight days played, he has only added 162 minutes.

Today, at the press conference prior to the game against Espanyol, Álvaro Cervera did not want to talk about Osmajic’s night out and the respective fights. What the Yellow Submarine technician has confirmed is that The seven players who were punished against Valencia without entering the call for the night out after the defeat against Rayo Vallecano are now available to face the next game against Espanyol next Monday from 9:00 p.m. in the Catalan city.