Óscar Gil, Espanyol right-back, has referred this Friday to the possibilities that the parakeet team may already be mathematically First this weekend, if they do their homework by beating Malaga and puncture their direct rivals. But the side prefers move up playing the field and ensures that the costumes will not speculate on when the dream will end. He has acknowledged that “difficult not to talk about the promotion in the dressing room. We are very excited and eager, focused on the game against Malaga. If we are lucky enough to move up on Sunday, fine. If not, it will come ”.

Do not forget that “I come from being able to move up with Elche on the field and the feeling of doing it playing is unique. Knowing that you depend on yourself to climb does not change it for anything. The truth is that I bet on moving up in the field, “he said this Friday.

In line with the date he would like to finalize the promotion and if he is committed to doing it at the RCDE Stadium, Gil has assured that “we do not think about trying to ascend at home. We would like more, even without people, because there are still fans outside (the stadium) and we could go out and celebrate there later. But We do not think about letting ourselves get lost in Zaragoza to move up later at home. We will try this Sunday (against Malaga), but not in Zaragoza and the next one ”.

Asked about the competition with which you can find the next course in your demarcation, with Miguelón and the possibility that Víctor Gómez will return from his assignment, Óscar He leaves it in the hands of the coaching staff: “I am focusing on finishing this course. Next year we will see. The more competition the better. We will have to assume it and be at the top. The coach and Rufete will have to decide ”.

Personally, regarding his first season at Espanyol recognizes that “there is always room for improvement. At first it was difficult for me to enter, but I came knowing that it was going to be difficult. I have not felt quite well or at my level, but little by little I feel better and I would put a seven or an eight (of note)”.


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