The coach of the women’s Atlético de Madrid, Óscar Fernández, has assured that the final of the Spanish Super Cup this Sunday against FC Barcelona will be “beautiful and full of goals”, and has affirmed that his team’s options to lift the trophy pass for “having much more time in possession” and for “being very intelligent at a tactical level to be able to change the game” if necessary.

“It’s a final and it’s going to be decided by small details, but I think it’s going to be a beautiful final for the spectator, and one of goals. We are two teams that put up great numbers on an offensive level, as our results support it”, he declared in Press conference.

In addition, he appealed to maintain that group spirit that in the semifinals allowed them to beat Levante. “If tomorrow we have the same feeling against one of the best teams in the world and we are able as a group to overcome these difficulties, we will be closer to victory,” he said.

In this sense, Fernández indicated that maintaining control of the ball will be vital. “It is important that we are able to do what we usually do, which is to have much more time in possession, try to subdue them much more. The higher percentage of possession we have, the closer we are to winning, especially because we concede less”, he stressed.

“The fact of not conceding is not going to happen because of defending very well, but because of being able to dominate at times with the ball. The second part of the game the other day should be a reference for us; when we were able to have possession, we were more stable and we dominate more,” he continued.

Regarding his rival, he considers that “he has changed compared to last season”. “Jonatan’s Barça, at a structural level, has many more nuances. Last season, the model was practically the same. The additions of this summer and Jonatan’s make it much richer. He has incorporated the fact of running more and travel faster, which makes it not afraid to be in a low block”, he analyzed.

“We must be very intelligent at a tactical level to be able to change the game and take it where we want. What are we going to find tomorrow? I expect a Barça that wants to dominate us in the game, that comes to press high and leaves us the possession to be able to attack us later,” he said.

In another order of things, he considers that the fact that Virginia Torrecilla has returned to a call after overcoming her brain tumor is an emotional boost for the team. “We are in the best moment of the season on a mental level. We are in a pomp right now, due to all the relationships that have been established since the beginning of the season between the players and the coaching staff. The fact that ‘Vir’ being here has made us rise directly to that pomp that lets us know that in moments of weakness that feeling of belonging and having a united group makes us overcome difficulties,” he said.

“The other day, that the majority of Atlético de Madrid fans pushed us, especially in times of difficulty. We are in Madrid, we play very close, I hope a lot of people come. I hope it is full and that they push, we need everyone to beat one of the best teams in the world”, he concluded.