The Osasuna Athletic Club and ten former directors who were accused of crimes against public finances have ratified this Monday in the Palace of Justice the agreement reached last Friday with the Prosecutor's Office, which is already firm. The former directors have arrived at the Palace of Justice after 9 am this Monday and have waited, together with their lawyers, for the start of the hearing, which has been delayed at 10.45 am. Former presidents Patxi Izco, Miguel Archanco, Juan Antonio Pascual, José Manuel Purroy, Ángel Luis Vizcay, Sancho Bandrés, Jesús Peralta, Manuel Ganuza, José Gómez and Tomás López have attended.

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In the jury room, where the session that lasted barely eight minutes was held, the defendants sat in four rows, keeping safe distances. His lawyers have taken the floor to agree to the agreement reached with the Public Ministry and subsequently the defendants themselves have ratified the agreement one by one.

The judge has declared the firmness of the sentence, after confirming that there will be no recourse by the parties. The agreement contemplates a fine for Osasuna of 1.4 million and 45 months without being able to have subsidies, aid and tax incentives, as well as penalties for the eight managers between 16 months in prison and 28 months. Specifically, Juan Pascual, José Manuel Purroy, Ángel Vizcay, Sancho Bandrés, Txuma Peralta and Manuel Ganuza accept 16 months, while Patxi Izco, 22 months and Archanco, 28. In addition, they must face fines equivalent to 45 percent of the amount defrauded in accepted crimes. Likewise, all charges for the former general director of Osasuna José Gómez and the former accountant Tomás López are withdrawn.

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