The second coach of Elche, José Manuel Rodríguez Ortega, has assured that they must know how to manage the “wave moments” of Real Madrid, which they face this Sunday in LaLiga Santander after being eliminated against him in the Copa del Rey, and has explained that if they are “capable of being together” in those moments of difficulties they will have “options against”.

“We must compete to the maximum, because the match that is going to be demanded of us does not give rise to anything else. We are going to have little baggage on the bench, but we are going to compete to the maximum”, he declared at a press conference, assuring that the fact of Having had options against Carlo Ancelotti’s men in the Cup, playing extra time, is a “reinforcement” to continue trusting in what they are doing.

“It serves to continue believing in what we are doing. We can end up very angry, because we were very close to passing the round, but we cannot forget who we had in front of us. We competed against each other and we had him on the ropes for many minutes” , he remembered.

In this sense, he insisted that since his arrival “the coach wanted to mark the identity of the team.” “You can win, lose or tie, but we have to maintain those signs of identity until the end: be competitive, generous in the effort… The players are taking them to the letter, that’s why at the block level they feel more comfortable and safer. We are being competitive until the 120th minute and that is the line to follow”, he pointed out.

Regarding the duel, Ortega considers that “in the physical aspect” the madridistas “are probably fresher”. “Modric played for a little while, Casemiro too, Courtois plays from the start, Benzema didn’t come… They are going to make six or seven changes compared to the eleven,” he stressed.

“We will find ourselves with a Madrid team that pushes the pressure a little higher at home, and you have to know how to manage the moments that they have in waves, where it seems that they overwhelm you everywhere. If we are able to be together in those moments of difficulties They are also a team that gives you options on the counterattack, and that’s where our options have to be,” he continued.

“Real Madrid always play the same game, at home and away. The only thing that changes is that perhaps at home they exert higher pressure for more minutes. It’s the difference that we’re going to notice. But in the end, it’s a team that he is going to dominate you, that he is going to have a lot of the ball, that he is going to sacrifice you a lot at the group level. The atmosphere is going to be different, “he said.

He also spoke about the situation of the coach of the Elche team, Francisco, and the rest of those affected like him by the coronavirus. “We expect one more test tomorrow, depending on that they may or may not be. The only one we have been able to recover is Pablo Piatti, the rest remain the same, either due to muscle issues or COVID. Guido Carrillo falls out of the call because of the discomfort with which the Cup match ended they have not allowed him to train,” he reported.