A Jose Ortega Cano He has not liked that his wife (there is still no signed divorce) is going to live with their son in a town in Guadalajara located 55 kilometers from Madrid. The former bullfighter received from Ana Maria Aldon the promise that he would locate his new home in the north of Madrid, very close to what until now has been the conjugal chalet, located in an urbanization close to San Sebastián de los Reyes, exactly in Fuente del Fresno.

But the woman from Sanlúcar changed her mind at the last moment and has bought a 250-meter house in the town of El Casar, so she will have to travel twenty-odd kilometers during the week, there and back, to take the little one Jose Maria to his school.

The paparazzi are already doing investigations among the neighbors. One of the residents there complains that the presence of Aldón will only “break the tranquility of this urbanization”, due to the constant media surveillance to which it is subjected. “We are very few neighbors and very well-matched. Now, with so many journalists and television cameras snooping around here, it can become too annoying,” he laments.

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From El Casar to Fuente del Fresno can be reached by road in half an hour, and to Madrid in just over one. It is not a long time if the trips are not at rush hour, but, as we say, Ortega would have liked to have his son much closer.

The man from Cartagena begins to understand that his love story with Ana María is already part of the past, and he faces his new life by attending parties with friends, like the one that took him to the Madrid capital a few days ago, where we saw him dance with a very attractive flamenco singer. In a month, Ortega turns 69 but his “semen of strength”, as he defines it, is unruly.

On the other hand, from his whassap profile he has already removed the image in which he was seen with the mother of his son. Now he has changed it for another that reminds us of an Ortega dressed in lights in his best stage as a bullfighter.