About to sign her divorce with Ana Maria Aldon and with the last controversies almost forgotten, Ortega Cano He returns to the eye of the hurricane with some statements that rescue the eternal insinuation about his love tastes: “He really likes banderillas and banderilleros, he is very nice to them.” This time he has said it begona gutierrezthe businesswoman and former close friend of Isabel Pantoja.

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Cantora’s nightmare has returned Save me to continue airing the secrets of the Pantojas: “Isabel and Agustín are doomed to understand each other. They are like Bonnie and Clyde,” he said. Begoña, who has denounced the tonadillera for breach of contract and claims 150,000 euros, has revealed some of the rarities of the brothers: “She spends the night awake, talking, praying… She goes to bed at dawn and gets up at in the afternoon. He has his bedroom locked and not even the cleaning lady comes in.”

But this Wednesday, Begoña has expanded her list of media ‘victims’ by attacking Ortega Cano and supporting the version of the story that she has shared Rocio Carrasco: “He didn’t know how to live up to a star like Jurado was. She suffered, poor thing, because he drenched himself all the time and told her: ‘Jose, don’t drink anymore, you have to drive.’ In addition, the businesswoman has thrown some hints that have scandalized the commentators: “He really likes the banderillas and the banderilleros, he is very nice with them. That is why he likes to be empowered and I am not saying anything that is not known or that is illegal There are arms that ask for a bag”.

Begoña’s statements have made the right-hander’s environment explode, specifically his sister Carmen, who has written very indignantly on social networks: “How many bad people there are in the world doing harm, disgusting programs. How is there no justice? How much damage to a person who doesn’t mess with anyone!”