The soap opera after the alleged abandonment of Oriana in Big Brother Vip 8 keep going. The alarms went off this Thursday, September 30, when the ‘super’ informed the rest of the contestants that Oriana had left the house. For her part, the Venezuelan diva clarified on her networks that the information issued by the program was false. Now, the former contestant takes refuge in Verona with her boyfriend.

After publishing a statement on her Instagram profile, where she “categorically denies that she has left Big Brother VIP”, the reality TV veteran flees to Verona with her boyfriend and moves away from the eccentricity of the spotlight.

It is still unknown if the Venezuelan will be on this Thursday’s program to clarify the controversy. However, she has already published for her more than 2 million followers what she missed so much in Guadalix de la Sierra: a romantic date with her boyfriend Daniele dal Moro.

Without fear of what people will say, Marzoli boasts a good Italian pasta along with a glass of wine. As she suggests in the publication, the Venezuelan would be in the company of her boyfriend when they were in Verona (an Italian town where she lives her new dream).

Daniele dal Moro confirms Oriana’s version

Daniel dal Moro, Marzoli’s boyfriend, has been in charge of confirming the rumors: everything has to do with a veto. A veto that Zeppelin, the producer of Big Brother Vip, imposed on Daniele after his visit to the house. The Italian attacked the furniture when he discovered that he could not see his girlfriend. The consequences for this behavior have been blunt: his participation in upcoming galas was cancelled, where not only was one more visit to Guadalix planned, but also his entry as an official contestant. Daniel himself has confirmed it on his social networks, sharing the message that the production company sent to his representative.