Online Gambling as a New Sports Discipline

You will be surprised to hear, but online gambling is considered a new sports discipline. To overcome all your competitors and win in casino games, you need a good pack of talents, sharp gambling skills, and may take weeks/months of training. Of course, gambling tournaments are held regularly, which makes gamblers feel like real athletes taking part in a real championship. This is not the only thing that makes gambling at online casinos so close to real sports. Some other trends build the link between the two.

What Makes Casino Games So Close to Sports?

Sports have always been a trend, and this is especially true today when almost everyone goes to the gym, does morning yoga or jogging. This new mood wave has changed the direction of the entire gambling industry and has inspired software manufacturers to release new games. This is actually how sports-themed slot machines have emerged.

These are emulators with elements of popular sports, competition rules, and various tournaments. You don’t have to play sports, be a football fan or follow the news of hockey to make real money in online casinos. All the rules of sports slot machines are indicated in the description. Sport attributes become lucky combinations in competitions with the “one-armed bandit.” And what we have here! Reviews! Streams and much more. To get more detailed information, keep reading this post.

What Are Sports Slot Machines?

Nowadays, it won’t be a problem for you to find slots featuring the style of a specific sports game but also dedicated to sports stars, historical events, and famous fights. In the gaming catalogues of most casinos, you can find sports gaming solutions from legendary providers and newcomers to the gambling world that will definitely satisfy your gambling hunger.


The first sports slots appeared with the beginning of the development of virtual gambling. Then on the playing field, soccer balls were most often encountered. Since there are many sports, the developers began to add some new products to their collections with interesting emulators. As a result, you can find dozens of colourful gaming devices allowing you to play:

  • Football;
  • Hockey, 
  • Basketball;
  • Tennis;
  • And many more.


The pictures on the playing field most often correspond to the name of the emulator and the type of competition. For example, if you choose a football sports game machine, the cells are filled with balls, defensive equipment, players, whistle, referee, and other attributes. Hockey slots will delight you with happy combinations in the form of clubs and pucks.

Also, slot machines about sports and fights include card symbols and lucky sevens on the playing field. Symbols of letters and numbers predominantly bring small odds, but online 777 machines increase the bet tenfold. More information about the symbolism and value of the machine can be found in each game description.

Features of the Sporting Casino Games

Some features are inherent in different sports-themed slots:

  • Most often they produce multi-line slot models with 5 spinning reels;
  • There are bonus rounds, special symbols that open up more opportunities for your earnings;
  • Providers give a lot of free spins with increased profit coefficients.

If we are considering 5-reel emulators, this indicates numerous prize options. A dynamic plot, unexpected transitions to themed bonus rounds, and non-standard prizes are inherent in sports machines.

Popular Slots About Sports

If you decide to discover the world of virtual gambling sports, launch the best slots at online casinos. The top popular gaming options are as follows:

  1. Rock Climber — it is a challenge for professional climbers who want their adrenaline rush. Conquer new peaks on 9 active lines, earn free spins and hit a jackpot of 5,000 credits. Are you hungry for adventure and can’t imagine a day without new emotions? Then feel free to launch Rock Climber;
  2. Soccer babes — it is the best machine for soccer fans and anyone looking for a profitable emulator. Despite the small number of active lines — 5, lucky combinations are paid in both directions. That is, regardless of the location from left to right or vice versa. The playing field contains the attributes of a football game: boots, athletes, pipes, balls, cups and beautiful cheerleaders;
  3. Bicicleta — it is a slot dedicated to the 2016 Football Championship. The 25 active lines and traditional 5 reels are created for your earnings. In the game, you can get up to 24 free spins, start a risk round or increase your capital in the bonus round;
  4. Tennis Champions — it is an apparatus in the format of a tennis duel. A cap, tickets, tennis balls, rackets, shoes, water appear on the playing field. Take advantage of lucrative scatter and wild, free spins to get rich.

Final Say!

Sports slot machines are popular slots dedicated to specific sports, significant events, and athletes. Most often, there are multi-line emulators with 5 reels. In most online gambling halls, you will find top machines featuring different sporting disciplines. You can choose from Rock Climber, Soccer babes, Bicicleta, Tennis Champions, and many more. Some games are available for free, so you have a chance to become a super athlete for a couple of minutes or hours if you wish.