one year in prison and 13,500 euros fine for the pro-Shakira paparazzi

The judge has ruled in favor of the former footballer and his girlfriend after a legal battle against Jordi Martin which has lasted almost a year. Gerard Piqué y Clara Chia They sued the Catalan paparazzi for harassment and injuries when their relationship came to light. Now, and despite the request of the Public Prosecutor’s Office to acquit the accused, the Criminal Court Number 14 of Barcelona has sentenced the photographer, admirer and supporter of Shakira, to one year in prison and a 13,500 euro fine.

The sentence proves crimes such as “continued harassment”, from August 2022 to May 2023, towards Clara Chía by Martín in his professional development as a photographer. The document establishes that Martín’s surveillance of Piqué’s girlfriend (which included daily presence at her home and workplace or vehicle and foot chases) affected the young woman’s life both personally and psychologically, to the point of that The plaintiff had to change residence, request teleworking and close all her social networks.

The magistrate considers that the paparazzi’s actions were persistent, malicious and that they caused significant harm to the young woman, altering her daily life and psychological well-being. causing an adjustment disorder that required medical treatment.

The sentence imposed on the accused is six months in prison for the crime of harassment and six months for the crime of injuries (one year in prison in total), in addition to an order restraining the victim within one kilometer for the next year and a half and the prohibition of communication with it, by any means, during that same period of time. He is also sentenced to 3,130 euros for the costs of psychological care and 10,000 euros for moral damage resulting from his actions.

A year of conflict

It was in June 2023 when Clara Chía and Gerard Piqué filed a complaint against Jordi Cruz for alleged harassment. The judge then granted him, as a preventive measure, a restraining order that he revoked in September as there were no complaints of non-compliance. Both the Prosecutor’s Office and Martín’s defense requested that the case be archived, alleging the absence of criminal acts, but the magistrate considered that there was sufficient evidence to continue with the procedure.

Last January, Martín was arrested in a bar near the Kosmos offices, where the famous couple works. Clara, very upset when she saw him, had called the police and he explained to the officers that he had moved after receiving a tip about an alleged breakup between them.