Novak Djokovic’s odyssey in Australia continues. Despite the fact that the Serbian tennis player managed to win the trial for the cancellation of his visa upon his arrival in the country and having been able to train for the first time at the Rod Laver Arena since he arrived in the country last day 5, the Serbian continues under the threat of deportation that could be executed by the Minister of Immigration Alex Hawke. And it seems that the latest information does not leave the Serbian tennis player in a good place.

The journalist Ben Rothenberg, a regular contributor to The New York Times, published a series of tweets in which he highlighted the result of the presumed positive with which Djokovic obtained the medical exemption for the Australian Open.

In the PCR test published following the disclosure of the conversations and the PCR tests and documentation provided by Djokovic upon arrival in Australia, a result of a PCR test appears which reads that Djokovic has tested positive. However, when the QR code that appears on that page is scanned, the result is negative.

Image of the PCR test provided by Novak Djokovic in which in one of them the result is positive and in the other negative.

“Folks, this is beyond suspicious. The COVID-19 test presented by Djokovic on December 16 (with confirmation code 7371999-259039) comes with a QR code. When you scan that QR code (you can try it), takes you to a website that shows that the result was “negative”, not positive. But now, I have tried again and I get the opposite result for the same test: positive. Who is playing with this web page? More people are getting a combination of positive / negative results from this QR code. I do not know what to do, this is all very strange, “said Rothenberg on his Twitter account.

The ‘lie’ of Djokovic’s travels

As if this were not enough, in the last hours several Australian media collect that, despite the fact that Djokovic assured on his arrival in Australia that he had not traveled anywhere else in the last 14 days before landing in Melbourne, the Serbian tennis player would have lied in his statement upon arrival in the country, as Djokovic marked “No” on the form entry into the question “Have you traveled or will you travel 14 days before your flight to Australia?”

However, the photos that have appeared on social networks in recent hours do not leave Djokovic in a good place. The Serbian, who tested positive for the second time for COVID-19 on December 16 and attended an event of his Foundation the next day in Belgrade, was also hunted on the 25th while training in Belgrade. after having given negative in the test that was done on the 22nd of that month.

However, the following week, on the 31st, Djokovic was seen training in the facilities of the Puente Romano Tennis Club in Marbella, where the Serbian resides, and where he did not hesitate to take a photo with the boys from La Soto Tennis Academy of Sotogrande, in Spain, which shows its presence in Spain before flying on January 4 to Melbourne from Spain after stopping in Dubai. The Australian Border Police is already investigating this matter, which once again complicates the case of Djokovic even more, pending a final resolution.