Isa Pi’s ex has experienced a real horror movie in Qatar, where he moved on Wednesday to offer a concert. Everything was going well until, in the middle of the performance, she got carried away: “Long live women! Long live free love, let each one go with whoever they want!”. The message reached the ears of the authorities, very upset by the outburst of the artist, who had contractually agreed not to speak out on the most contentious issues in the Emirates in relation to human rights. This Thursday, Omar Montes He has landed in Madrid and has recounted everything that happened afterwards.

“I was in a hotel and the boy there was giving us a hand with everything, to buy the djellabas, eat in the places, take the cars, for everything. He finished singing and calls us and tells us not to go to the hotel because some strange boys had gone asking for us”, Omar recounted. “He told us to wait, not to go to the hotel yet and we went to buy something. After a few hours, we return to the hotel.”

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Upon arrival, the situation was tense: “He tells us that he cannot trust anyone, that he could not guarantee my safety and he took me to a warehouse that they had inside the hotel. I was there for two or three hours, until a car came to pick me up. “. The singer claims to have been scared: “The guy from the hotel told me to play the fool and not leave the warehouse because it was not a joke. When the car arrived I left and I saw people looking at me. I put on my hood, pulled forward. Thank God I was able to escape.”

Despite everything, Montes assures that he does not regret anything: “I always say what is in my heart and that’s it. Nobody can censor me or tell me what I can or cannot say. I say what gives me he wins and if they like it fine and if not, then nothing”. And he adds: “I have done what came from my heart. Many people criticize and speak but do, they do nothing.”