Olympia of Greece reappears with her brother’s ex, Poppy Delevingne, and sparks rumors

The opening of the British Grand Slam was attended by a host of famous faces on Monday: David Beckham, the singer Pixie Lott with her husband, Oliver Cheshire, the actress Golda Rosheuvel (Queen Charlotte in The Bridgertons) and the singer James Blunt and his wife, Sofia Wellesley. However, all of them were overshadowed by two luxury guests: Poppy Delevingne y Olympia of Greecewho have reappeared together after the model’s breakup with Absolutelythe princess’s brother.

It was six months ago when it was announced that Tino of Greece and Poppy Delevingne had ended their relationship, and not in a friendly way. Therefore, the image of the model and her ex-sister-in-law together in the stands at Wimbledon has unleashed all kinds of theories. The most repeated one? That the Greek royal family wants to put an end, once and for all, to the rumours that pointed to inappropriate behaviour on the part of Tino and to show that his relationship with the Delevingne family is still magnificent. In fact, the two ex-sisters-in-law were only part of a larger staging, as they were accompanied by their respective parents, Paul of Greece (cousin of Felipe VI) and Charles Delevingnea well-known real estate developer.

However, it has backfired, as rumours of a bad relationship between the two families have been replaced by those of an alleged bad relationship between the Greek brothers: Olympia, Poppy’s close friend, is said to have taken her side after the break-up, which has caused a rift with Tino.

Both families, who have been friends for decades, were invited by the Ralph Lauren brand, which the two young women wore: Olympia, in a long strapless dress with a white floral print on navy blue; and Poppy, in a three-button blazer in off-white, pinstripe and matching linen trousers. The four sat together and enjoyed the game and commented on the Spaniard’s moves. Carlos Alcarazthe last champion of the tournament, against the Estonian Mark Lajal.

There was no trace of Tino from Greece, who last Saturday officially introduced his new girlfriend, model Brooks Nader. He went with her to the wedding of his friend Olivia Culpo, who married National Football League player Christian McCaffrey.