Olivera and Gutiérrez, officers; Raúl Guti travels tomorrow and Mendes has already signed

Up to five signings will be made by Almería at the beginning of the week. Aitor Buñuel must be joined by the incorporation of Cristian Olivera, who is now officially a new Almería player. The entry of the Uruguayan extreme was already announced by the rojiblanca entity at noon, while at night he did the same with Juan Manuel Gutiérrez, being both already in the concentration in Malaga lands. The already extreme of the rentistas signs for five years, thus becoming the footballer with the longest contract duration together with Ramazani and Gutiérrez himself.

After Darwin's good operation, Almería bets once again on the Uruguayan market, as the club itself recognizes. “He is a figure in the making who wants to 'explode' in Almería as his compatriot Darwin Núñez did”, the club itself explains on its web portal about the first. The rojiblancos have paid two million euros to Rentistas for the transfer of the young footballer, who belongs to the TMA agency, of Edgardo Lasalvia (representative of the Benfica striker).

Shield / Flag Almería

Cristian Olivera, vintage of 2002, has already been international under-17 and under-19 with the Uruguayan team. Starting from the opposite side, and also from the left-handed, inside or even from the front, the Uruguayan, 1.70 meters high, has played a dozen matches in the Apertura Tournament with Rentistas this year, achieving three goals and scoring three assists. The UDA presents him as a player “with a lot of cheek, fast and powerful; a nightmare for any rival”.

Gutiérrez, for his part, was announced tonight. The rojiblancos have paid five kilos for the midfielder from the Danube, who can also play as a forward. Like his compatriot, he signs a five-year contractBoth share the year of birth, such as their passage through the lower ranks of Uruguay. Gutiérrez participated in eleven meetings with Dabubio in the Apertura Tournament.

This Monday the operation for Raúl Guti, one of Almería's great bets in this market, has also finished closing. Although the operation was practically on track, it was not until today that the three parties have finished closing all the fringes, the midfielder traveling tomorrow Tuesday to Benahavís. Sign for five courses after paying the Almería 4.5 million euros, plus a kilo and a half in variables. Also to be announced in the next few hours is Pedro Mendes, who yesterday signed his federative license.