Oliva fills the gap in the midfield that Gracia claimed

With just four hours left until the winter transfer window closed, the Valencia provided to Javi
Grace to Christian
Olive, a midfielder that fills the gap that the coach wanted to cover since last summer and even more so since in November the club sold to Geoffrey
Kondogbia to the Athletic

He is a 24-year-old Uruguayan player with a defensive cut who a couple of years ago was transferred by the National
Montevideo to the Cagliari. In the Italian team he has not had the continuity he was looking for and has accepted the proposal of the Valencia.

Unlike what happens with Patrick
Cutrone Y Francisco
Ferro, who arrived at the club on Sunday with an outright assignment, Olive It comes with a non-mandatory purchase option for the club, according to the entity itself.

“I am a defensive midfielder and also a creative midfielder,” Oliva warned in his first statements after forming his contract. He also pointed out that, whatever position he plays, there is one thing that ensures. “I am Uruguayan and I cannot miss the claw”, he claimed.

Valencia has saved a purchase option on a player who assures that his decision was clear when he was told about the interest of the Mestalla club. “I am very happy and very happy. When they told me I could come to Valencia I was very happy and I did not hesitate to come here“, he pointed.

“I come to help the team, to contribute positive things, nothing negative,” he said. “I really want to meet my new teammates and hopefully it happens soon and everything goes well. It is a challenge to leave a mark on Valencia. I come to leave everything for the shirt, “he said.

The one who does not know despite being compatriots is Maxi gomez. “I am not lucky enough to meet him, but now we will meet. I'm lazy to do the mate, but they tell me that he does it every day, “he said.