Olga Moreno’s reaction when meeting Marta Riesco at the airport: “I’m not crying”

This Monday, Olga Moreno has taken a plane to head to Honduraswhere he will participate in the new edition of historical contestants of Survivors after a recent setback in his personal life, the death of his mother. In Barajas, Antonio David Flores’ ex has taken a gift very bitter. We talk about the presence of Marta Riesco among the reporters that covered their march to the Telecinco survival contest.

Given Olga’s temper and impassiveness, one of the other reporters became worried about her.. To the point that she has told him: “Please don’t cry”to which Olga herself responded, surprised and laughing: “I’m not crying, huh? Not at all”.

In the presence of Riesco, the Sevillian has acted as if nothing had happened and has completely ignored the questions he asked her as the new reporter for the ersatz Save me. “Last time you said you were going to Survivors for your family, now who are you going for?” o “It’s the first time we’ve seen each other in person even though we’ve talked”Riesco told her, to an Olga who neither looked at her nor spoke the slightest word to her.

The walk through the airport with press around them lasted just over a minute. Olga’s expression changed as she faced the questions. From her serious face and the sighs of the first part, to the smiles she showed after checking in. Especially when Abraham García – who is repeating as a contestant – has appeared and the two have held each other’s arms. She also ignored the reporters while she addressed Bosco Martínez-Bordiú: “Have you found the passport?” She asked him between laughs, trying to pretend that the rest of the circumstances around her did not matter to her.

Either way, It’s not like we were Shhh It already has content for this Monday, because after the signing of Marta Riesco as a reporter, it has achieved one of the most anticipated reunions. Marta was the woman with whom Antonio David began a relationship and forgot Olga Moreno, who had a hard time accepting that her marriage to the father of her daughter went overboard. All, moreover, after the docuseries of Rocío Carrasco, in which the daughter of The Greatest publicly accused the father of her children of alleged mistreatment and of exercising vicarious violence against Ro and David to turn them against her.

Olga now begins a new journey at Telecinco and is especially looking forward to her reunion with Jorge Javier Vázquez, which continues to lead the new edition. The two already staged an unprecedented confrontation between contestant and presenter. He-defender of Rocío Carrasco-did not present the gala in which she was proclaimed winner in 2021. He then alleged commitments in the theater. The following year, she did not attend the 2022 final as winner and did not deliver the check.