Those related to Rocío Carrasco insist on separating them and ensuring that their relationship is bad, but the truth is that dew flowers y Olga Moreno They have gotten along and get along wonderfully. Although some have insisted on pretending that Rocío has found out from the press that Olga and Augustine Etiennerepresentative of both, they live a ‘quelque chose’ with the right to friction (as we anticipated two months ago)This is not like this.

“Rocío Flores already knew it. She was the first to find out. They told her when they saw that this was going forward and they were sure that it was not a heat, period,” sources close to assure us. Antonio David Flores. The best thing was for Rocío to find out from them and for her not to find out from third parties, although I had read it in Informalia. Neither of them trust their surroundings and the press is always after them.

As they tell us, “she was amazed. She saw them super well, with a tremendous complicity, but she never imagined that they would end up together.”

In fact, deep down, Rocío doesn’t like them to be boyfriends. Not because of them, for whom “she is very happy”, undoubtedly because she adores them both, but because “she sees the situation in a movie: her father is having an affair with her best friend and now her stepmother, with her representative. She is somewhat pissed off with the world. She doesn’t understand that with all the people on earth, her father and Olga’s partners, two people she loves madly, have to be linked to her. Which she doesn’t want, under any circumstances, because it horrifies her , is having to explain.” She seems to prefer for the moment to put a little distance with this matter.

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In the interview given by Antonio David’s ex to the magazine Week Rocío Flores is not mentioned. Olga did not want. The situation is not propitious. She knows that things are not right for her to talk about her in a magazine. “I would surely reproach her for it. He would tell her why he has to talk about her, that she has nothing to do with her relationship. Leave her alone,” they assure us.

Even so, Rocío knew that Olga was going to give this interview confirming the relationship with Etienne. They preferred that there were no misunderstandings as happened with Olga’s first exclusive, that Rocío did not know anything and got very angry. In fact, they spent a long time without speaking to each other. Later, she and Olga regained the trust they have always had and have spent a lot of time together.

Now, without reaching that extreme, Rocío is tense with Olga but it is not because of the Sevillian, whom she considers a second mother, it is because of the situation. Rocío can’t bear to see her mother on television destroying her family and that makes her whole universe crooked. They have not spoken for many years, but for her it is still an unresolved problem. She doesn’t know how or doesn’t want to turn the page and that is a problem in her day-to-day life. So much so that she even she is willing to lose her chair in Ana Rosa’s program, from which she has not been fired, for not wanting to deal with the subject. Hence the negotiations have stalled. She is not willing to talk about her mother and the management of the program does not want her if she does not.