They separated more than a year ago but the relationship between Anthony David y Olga it is good, at least, as good as it can be, taking into account that there are economic and judicial issues that continue to unite them today and that no one can evade.

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Olga forgave Antonio David for leaving her for leaving with Martha I canBut there are things you can’t forget. With everything, the Sevillian and the ex of Rocio Carrasco They talk and get along, especially because of their daughter. Lolawho is barely eight years old. Olga has started a new relationship with Augustine Etienne, his representative, and that has created some family conflict but even so the conversations between them are cordial. At least that’s what they assure us both from the environment of the champion of survivors like the former civil guard.

Hence, many followers of Olga and Antonio David have not understood these days that he has left her alone in the trial that confronted Olga with Rocío Carrasco. What’s more, many of the followers of Rociíto’s ex have criticized him to the death in networks for going on a trip to Barcelona with Marta Riesco while Olga went to court. “Absolute disappointment. I don’t know what you’re all playing. I understand that you’re in love but support your ex right now. You have to take care of things because in the end you have these comments,” says one. “I wish they would open the case of Rocío Carrasco…”, says another. “And where is your son? Outside of Barcelona”, finishes off another.

But there are some who go further: “You have exchanged gold for cheap jewelry. Antonio David, reacts”, “As they say in my town, he has changed from slipper to shoe.” And others lash out at him: “Poor Marta. With what a small element you have ended up…”. And these are just a few examples.

Since Rocío Carrasco decided to tell her story through the docuseries on Telecinco, Antonio David’s life took a 180 degree turn. To its sudden dismissal of Mediaset, still in court, joined his separation from Olga, after more than twenty years of relationship and a daughter in common. The father of Rocio Flores He began a new life with Marta Riesco, a reporter for Ana Rosa. A relationship has not been exempt from controversies and family entanglements, always commented on television.

He has settled in Madrid with the journalist and, despite the fact that his home is next to the court where his ex went a few days ago, he did not go with her. Olga had to appear before a judge in Alcobendas for a complaint filed by Rociíto in 2019 in which he accused her of “attacking her honor in a Deluxe“. In that interview, Olga spoke of Rocío Carrasco’s role as a mother: “I would love for Rocío Carrasco to call her children. They wait for her call. I don’t understand Rocío, I don’t understand what can go through her head. She can’t be happy, from my point of view. I am happy but Rocío Carrasco is harming my life and that of my family,” he commented. But what hurt the daughter of La Más Grande the most is that Olga spoke of a “violent” episode that mother and daughter experienced in 2012 and that dynamited their relationship. “Ro is not aggressive or violent, if that were the case I would not be sitting here,” he even said. The case has already been seen for sentencing. According to what they tell us, the Sevillian woman is calm. She believes that she will have the same resolution as Rociíto’s previous lawsuit against her for revealing secretswhich was favorable to Olga.