It seems surreal that the ex-wife of Antonio David Flores, Olga Morenoand his current girlfriend, Marta I can, they could sit on the same set, but that moment could be closer than it seems. As we anticipated in this newspaper, the producer of Anna QuintanaUnicorn, has been tempting the Sevillian for weeks to take a seat in one of her programs.

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And although at first it was thought to be to replace dew flowers, whose contract is still on standby, the truth is that now the option that could have a much more morbid ending has been put on the table. As Informalia has learned, Olga will form part of Emma García’s team of collaborators in Fiestawhere Marta Riesco has already made her debut as a reporter.

Needless to say, neither of the two maintain a relationship and that except for that call that was discussed when the relationship between the journalist and the former civil guard was not yet confirmed, they have not exchanged a word again, so seeing them share a program would be a real ball.

The Sevillian is clear that, at the moment, her professional outlet is television because with her fashion store she cannot have enough.

Hence, although he does not like the proposal too much because of how uncomfortable it could be, he is evaluating it very seriously. You also don’t have many other options. At the moment there are no more realities in the chain of Basil what nightmare in paradise and in Save me he is persona non grata. It is already seen daily how they talk about her, in addition to Rocío Flores, Antonio David and her company. That is land of Rocio Carrasco.

As far as Marta Riesco is concerned, it seems that there would be no problem. The journalist can’t stand Antonio David’s ex, but her work is above all else. She knows that she has been more than five months without making a screen and she does not want to be an editor anymore, she likes to be seen. So, even if they put Olga in front of her, she doesn’t plan to leave. “I’m sure he would sit on the sofa with her. Marta has noses for that and more. Besides, she doesn’t cut a hair. We already saw it when she let out that she was in love with Antonio David,” says the same person who tells us conversations between the producer and Augustine Etiennethe manager (and now boyfriend) of Olga Moreno.

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Together with him, it seems that Olga has given love a second chance after her abrupt breakup with Rociíto’s ex. She was with him for more than 20 years and has a daughter in common. Because of her and because of the pending lawsuits, the couple maintains a good relationship. So much so that it was Antonio David who introduced him to Etienne in his day, until a few weeks ago representative of both. But will he continue to be the former civil guard? They say that he hasn’t been very happy about going out with his ex and his daughter, Rocío Flores, either.