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Ole Miss quarterback Grant Tisdale leaves program, enters NCAA transfer portal

Eric Murphy



Ole Miss

Tisdale had three SEC supplies: Mississippi State, Ole Miss, and Tennessee. Tisdale signed in December together with the Rebels, also dedicated on April 6, 2018. No official visits were reported by him but had Ohio State, in addition to supplies in Houston, SMU, Baylor and Oklahoma State, Oregon and Utah.

Ole Miss

Ole Miss

With Tisdale from this app, Miss’ scholarship quarterbacks that are staying are all Dent Plumlee along with redshirt freshman Matt Corral. The Rebels have four-star Robby Ashford.

Tisdale’s dad distributing articles on his son’s conclusion on Twitter and enjoyed it. Tisdale also gave no sign of his intention to move and the press fulfilled Wednesday. He did state he planned to return home.

Tisdale has been a sign from Texas who combined Miss’ Course of 2019 along with Kinkead Dent and quarterbacks John Rhys Plumlee. Tisdale has played this year, heading 2-for-2 using a touchdown and 56 yards.

“Grant’s my own guy, so I wish him the very best,” Jones stated. “I support everything he did. It’s exactly what it is. I simply know things will come his way.”

When news broke off his death, the Clarion-Ledger couldn’t hit Tisdale for comment. Said Tuesday he learned about the conclusion of Tisdale.

Tisdale chose a vast majority of their clinic reps with the group that was next through the press. After the group reconvened for autumn practice and the group was combined by Plumlee, Plumlee, and Tisdale divide the majority.

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