It is official: Luka Jovic returns to Eintracht Frankfurt. The German team itself has confirmed it through social networks. Soon after, the Real Madrid issued an official statement. It is a loan for the next six months, so if everything goes according to plan, he would return in the summer for the preseason. Last Wednesday the final details were finalized, the medical examination passed and the agreement was signed.

Fredi bobic, Eintracht sports director, explained the signing through an official statement published by the club: “Luka did not have anything easy in Madrid lately. For him, it is important to get back into the good dynamics. Going back to Eintracht was his great wish. You can take advantage of the next few months in a family environment to regain your level. At Real Madrid they know that we will take care of him so that he continues to evolve. And we are aware that we won one more excellent option in attack “. You will receive number 9 and you will not have to go into quarantine having passed the COVID already.

At 23 years old, Jovic's progression had stalled. Since his arrival at Real Madrid in June 2019, his best version has not been seen, the one that surprised everyone Europe when he played in Germany. Were disbursed 60 million in his signing And, although they are still confident that he can succeed in white, the club believes that it will be good for him to let off steam and regain sensations in a place he knows and where he will be comfortable. This season he has only played 208 minutes in which you have not marked.

Your first step through Santiado Bernabéu it has been marked by injuries and controversy. Jovic has missed 17 games due to physical problems. In addition, some non-sporting events such as having traveled to Serbia during confinement or having been hunted at a barbecue in violation of the anti-coronavirus regulations have harmed him both in front of the fans and in his own confidence.

Another key aspect is that in the coming months it is capable of raising its market value, which has collapsed. When it arrived in Madrid, it cost 60 million euros according to the specialized website Transfermarkt. However, its low prominence and low performance have meant that, in just a season and a half, its value is of 20 million.

This is a problem for Zinedine Zidane, who will face the remainder of the course with only two forwards: Benzema and Mariano. Jovic was left with the impossibility of finding him a loan in the past market, something that has happened in this one. Meanwhile, Madrid has yielded to Borja Mayoral at Roma. Parla's was the coach's preferred option as Karim's substitute, but he was forced to go out against him ovebooking of forwards.

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