“Obregón has thought more of herself than of the interest of the minor”: ‘The Ana Rosa program’, where Lequio works, opens with the great debate

The news of Ana Obregon being a surrogate mother has eclipsed any topic of the day, of the week… and we could say so far this year. It goes far beyond the social chronicle. A nationwide debate has been created about the method used to have the girl in the United States, surrogacy, illegal in Spain, and also because of the age of the actress, who turned 68 on March 18. Furthermore, she has made this decision almost three years after the death of her only biological child, Aless Lequio. The young man passed away on May 27, 2020 from Ewing’s sarcoma.

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Ana Rosa’s programspace where you work Alessandro Lequio, has opened this Wednesday with the great debate of the day. It must be taken into account that Ana Rosa Quintana She is a great friend of Alessandro Sr. She is even the godmother of Ginevra Enathe biological daughter of Lequio with his wife, Maria Palacioswho was born in August 2016.

The news section, not the heart section, has started with this topic, which once again opens the debate on surrogates. Joaquín Pratco-presenter, has been blunt in his opinion: “Ana Obregón has thought more of herself than of the interest of the minor,” he said.

Ana Rosa Quintana has not been so critical of the method used by the actress. In her speech, she has said that “we all have friends” who have resorted to this practice. However, she has focused above all on the issue of age: “Regardless of the surrogate that opens the debate is Ana’s age.” She has recognized, in a way, the special affection she feels for the presenter, which is why it has been difficult for her to address this delicate matter.

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We will have to wait to know the opinion of Alessandro Lequio in this regard. Hola, the magazine that announced the news this Tuesday, stressed that it was aware of this decision by Ana, who left the Memorial Regional Hospital in Miami last week with the baby in her arms and in a wheelchair. A really impressive image that is going around in networks and that puts on the table the ethics and morality of the people who use this practice to become parents.

Only the Mediaset commentator and the actress’s sisters, Celia y Amaliathey knew about the intentions of the presenter of the Campanadas de RTVE.