A surprise has been taken by the viewers of The rock this Sunday when the program started with Juan del Val as presenter and not with Nuria Roca, which opens the installment every Sunday afternoon with a monologue. But everything had an explanation.

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“Yes, you are not mistaken, it is half past three in the afternoon. This is The rock, but without the Rock. Nuria is with Covid, or so she says, because it seems a bit suspicious to me that, right on the longest bridge of the year, she cannot come to work, “explained the writer with a laugh.

“Do we believe Nuria or not? I’ll tell you something. At this time, we were going to connect with her. There was a Skype prepared and it turns out that the connection is not going well. Excuses,” he joked about his wife. Nacho García added to the jocular tone: “Nuria Roca’s Covid, after the Covid that Queen Sofía had when the emeritus came to Sanxenxo, is the most convenient Covid there has ever been.”

From her home, the Valencian then showed how she had set up her own set at the kitchen table. “My set today… at this time! Let’s gooooosssss,” she wrote on Instagram. “Third covid gentlemen. (Juan, warm up that you go out !!!!)”, she manifested herself before the start of the program.