The next battle for Italian football will be to refill, at least partially, the stands of their stadiums. The situation of the epidemic in the Bel Paese improves week after week, and according to the newspaper 'La Stampa', in the last assembly of the league the president of Juventus, Andrea Agnelli addressed the issue: “We should think, if conditions allow, of a small presence of fans in the stadium. In other countries they do it, using between 10 and 25% of the capacity “. The proposal was positively received by several presidents, and the journey to reach this result, at best, would end in the second half of July, for the last clashes of this course.

In Italy, in fact, theaters and cinemas will reopen from June 15: practically, football stadiums will be the last place closed to the public. From science, however, the first positive opinions come to the reopening of the stands. Maria Rita Gismondo, virologist at the University of Milan and director of microbiology at the Sacco hospital in Milan, told the 'Corriere dello Sport': “Either everything opens, or everything closes. The same rules that apply to spectators of the opera apply to stadiums. Further, the rules limiting access are best applied there “. Keeping distances and wearing a mask, according to the virologist the soccer fields “could be opened as early as June”, when the championship will resume: “If they allow outdoor shows, why is there so much fear for stadiums?”

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