“No mother wants a 24-year-old daughter to get pregnant”

A few weeks ago they were involved in a media confrontation after the town’s princess was disappointed after not receiving a message from María Teresa Campos’ daughter after the premiere of It’s not like we were Shhh: “It is not there nor is it expected,” he said about Terelu. A few days later they were reconciled at the party that the architect Joaquín Torres gave at his house and, although in recent days, the substitute Save me has not stopped giving news that leaves Carmen Borrego’s sister in a bad light, Belén tries to put the controversies aside.

So much so that after seeing the cover in which Alejandra Rubio (24) and Carlo Costanzia (31) announce their pregnancy, Belén Esteban picked up the phone to call Terelu Campos: “I called her, but she didn’t pick up.”he explained this Wednesday in a telephone connection with his program. “I was going to tell her that I understand her”he stressed.

“A child is joy, but so young… It cuts you many times”he said, while adding about the future grandmother: “I know that Terelu is going to be there fully. Although she has many flaws, like everyone, what she wants is the best for her daughter”.

Belén, who became pregnant with Andrea Janeiro when she was only a year older than Alejandra and after dating Jesulín de Ubrique for about a year, has also noted: “At their age we want our children to live, enjoy and prepare for life”.

And in this sense, he has ruled: “No mother wants a 24-year-old daughter to get pregnant and in a relationship for months. Not having a little owl under her arm, which is going to be a happiness, but…”.

On the set of Quickie they have compared the age at which Belén and other famous countries became pregnant when they were young, and they have clarified that these were other times. Esteban, regarding whether he will be next to the Campos family when the baby is born, has said that “of course” he will have a gift prepared for the future child, grandson or granddaughter of Terelu Campos and Mar Flores.