Nicolas Murga, Froilán’s other ‘father’ who ‘takes care’ of him in Abu Dhabi

Nicholas Murga He is the ex-colonel of the Air Force and in charge of “taking care” of froilan in his new life and work adventure in Abu Dhabi, who has flown with the young man to the Arab city. He is a trusted man of the king emeritus Juan Carlos Iwhich is also in the house of the infanta elenawhere they consider Murga as a second father to the king’s eldest nephew Philip VIand also for his sister, Victoria Federica.

Sources close to the entourage of the Infanta Elena and Jaime de Marichalar They have revealed that for this ex-soldier, “serving the Royal Family has long ceased to be just work. The children of the Infanta Elena have a very close relationship with him. They call him Nico and they speak to him daily on the phone. He is one more in the family”.

As published in the magazine Vanity Fair“Nicolás has come to go to the university to talk to Felipe’s teachers (Pipe) when he has had a more difficult period. Nico is a second father to him. He gives him good advice, recommends what to do when he has doubts and acts as a channel with his grandfather”, they add.

This faithful servant has also mediated anger and any little problem that Froilán has to face: “Sometimes Felipe and Don Juan Carlos have gotten angry and Nico has always put order and has tried to iron out rough edges. He also deals with some things of pure administration such as managing a trip. And the sentimental theme! He always supports him. Felipe and Victoria love him very much, “says the source.

Nicolás Murga Mendoza began working for the monarch in 2007 and before that he was blue helmet of ONUCA. He was also head of the Communications Office of the Air Force, and air attache of the Spanish Embassy in the Moroccan capital, in Rabat. Murga Mendoza was born into an aristocratic family in Extremadura and became known in 2019, when it became known that the Spanish Prosecutor’s Office was investigating his role as an alleged figurehead for King Juan Carlos.

It is true that Juan Carlos, being king, appointed him executor so that, in the event of his death, he would be in charge of supplying his patrimony to the Queen Sofia and all their descendants. Now, he has been entrusted with nothing less than the task of accompanying and watching over Froilán during his stay in Abu Dhabi, another example of the extreme trust that exists between the ex-colonel and the young man’s grandfather.

Send him away from the Madrid night

Recently, Victoria Federica’s brother has starred in several scandals related to his presence at night in Madrid, related to brawls and venues that did not comply with capacity regulations, in which drugs were found and the presence of minors.

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To separate the cousin from the princess eleanor From the sleazy life of Madrid at night, the young man has flown to the city where his grandfather now lives, to take up a job at the flagship oil company of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC).

There he will receive a salary of between 6,000 and 10,000 euros per month and will not have to pay for a house, because they have provided him with one overlooking the sea as a company worker.