Barañain’s man is one of Marcelino’s trusted men: he has started 10 of the 12 games played


Nico Williams has only started the two weekdays

PHOTO: Pep Morata

Berenguer is one of the trusted men of Marcelino. There’s no doubt. But if the goal does not come and Nico Williams continues to spark the attack of the Athletic every time it comes out, the situation could turn. Of course, the youth squad has not released his filmmaker account either. Nor has distributed any assistance, while that of Barañain he served the goal of Mestalla a Iñigo Martinez.

Berenguer he has started 10 of the 12 stakes contested by the rojiblanca squad. It only started on the bench in front of the Vallecano Ray and to Spanish, curiously in the only two weekdays to date. In both, Nico Williams was the option chosen by Marcelino to percuss on the right wing.

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It is true that, before the break, the Asturian coach gave a touch to Berenguer in the form of a change in rest. Withdrew him from the green against the Cádiz at the end of the first half after the Athletic things were not going the way he wanted and he admitted the little one of the Williams

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