Aldon Smith
Aldon Smith

If you are fans of Cowboys then you will already know that they did take their chance on Aldon Smith in April. It all did happen when they sign up the pass rusher to being a one year contract. They also put the condition to be upon the reinstatement of Cowboys’ Aldon Smith to be back on the league.

Reinstatement of Aldon Smith

It is great news for everyone that NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell are agreeing on the same terms after so long. They both agree on taking their chances too with the reinstatement of Aldon Smith. Goodell did reinstate Aldon Smith on Wednesday in the matter of the indefinite substance abuse suspension that did date back to the 2015 season. The reports are from an NFL Spokestold to USA Today Sports.

As of now, Aldon Smith is eligible and given the right to participate in all the activities of the team. People and fans are expecting Smith to join the Cowboys Offseason program on Tuesday. Fans are really hoping forward to Smith to give his best after such a long time.

It is sure that the reinstatement process of Aldon Smith has come slowly but it is better late than never. The process was surely going to start with 10 months clean dating back to last July. A person with the overall knowledge of the current situation confirms it to USA Today Sports. The league also mentions Aldon Smith that they were anticipating the news sooner.

On Wednesday, Aldon Smith did emerge from the hiatus period of 54 long months. Currently, Tomsula and Cowboys are hoping the best for Aldon Smith who is going to turn 31 in September to recapture it all. They want him to get the best out of him and try to grasp in as much as possible.

Cowboys and fans are hoping that Smith will do just fine even though he was away from the sports for a long period of time.


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