News between Dani Alves and Joana Sanz: the model paralyzes the divorce proceedings

Eight months after entering prison Dani Alvesit has emerged that Joana Sanz has paralyzed the divorce proceedings. Since the former Barça footballer, accused of alleged rape, entered provisional prison, the relationship between the Brazilian and the Canarian model has been marked by constant rumors of reconciliation or rapprochement.

“As of September 28, we can confirm that the issue of divorce between the former couple is paralyzed, the procedures have stopped,” said journalist Leticia Requejo this Thursday in TardeAR. “Even if she intends to divorce, she is not going to leave her husband aside.”

On the other hand, the journalist said that Joana “has decided to return to the family home in Barcelona”, although they assure that she has thought a lot about her pets when making this decision. It must be remembered that the 31-year-old model made the decision to move to Madrid in April to begin a new chapter in her life: “Closing stages,” she then wrote on her social networks.

Although Joana Sanz announced their separation in March, the model’s visits to the Catalan prison of Brians 2 have continued throughout these months, fueling rumors of reconciliation. At the beginning of September, Joana also made public on her social networks a letter that Alves sent her from prison.

“I learned in all this madness that two are better than one… When one falls the other picks him up, when he is cold the other warms him up. That’s how we are. Thank you for your resistance, thank you for your resilience, thank you for not giving up “I always said that you were what I always dreamed of, but now I say that you are more than I could have dreamed of,” the former Mexican Pumas player wrote.