New health problems for Kiko Rivera: “My fabric hurts, I can’t move”

He has barely recovered from the stroke he suffered on October 20 and is already affected by a new health problem that has forced him to rest. Kiko Rivera He has announced to his followers that he suffers from Plantar Fasciitis, a very painful condition that prevents him from walking: “I can’t move, my foot is like a muffin from Antequera.”

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The DJ has shown his visibly swollen foot while, on medical recommendation, he takes baths in ice water. “My fabric hurts. I’m a little penguin walking right now. When I take it off, I’ll walk like Forrest Gump again,” he said, showing that he still has a sense of humor. “Do you know the pain you feel? Do you know what a bitch it is to not be able to move? In addition to the maximum boredom.”

The son of Isabel Pantojawho also suffers from gout and diabetes, has already consulted several specialists and has begun a strict recovery program, which includes rest, medication and special insoles that he must use from now on.