Edson Arantes do Nascimento will also have its global documentary. It will be through the feature film Pele on Netflix. The platform has already confirmed that it will delve into both the life and the award-winning career of the Brazilian star diving in Little-known archival footage and exclusive interviews.

The work, directed by David Tryhorn and Ben Nicholas, produced by Kevin McDonald (Oscar to the documentary Munic, 1972: one day in September) and almost two hours long, It will premiere on February 23.

The king.

Pele It will address the twelve-year period in which the legend was built. He went from being the most talented forward to national hero and king of soccer with the historic conquest of three World Championships (1958, 1962 and 1970). “Now we know why they call this man The king“, advances the trailer in its final claim.

“Soon I will have the opportunity to relive my memories,” said Pele in his networks. O Rei, used to cameras and to participate in or inspire different audiovisual formats (Evasion or victory, Eternal Pele or The birth of a legend) He admits excitedly living the final countdown to the premiere.

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Still from the documentary 'Pelé' (Netflix).


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