Omar Montes has returned to Spain this Saturday after a few hours of uncertainty in Qatar for their speech in favor of “women” and “free love” at the end of their concert in the FIFA Fan Zone, which cost them a bad drink.

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“I finish singing and they call us and tell us: ‘Here do not come to the hotel because they have seen some strange boys asking for you and I had to tell them the room you were in. I want to inform you of that because you are good people and you have told me I fell very well. Make time, don’t come to the hotel yet,'” the singer revealed.

The man from Carabanchel explained that they went to do some shopping to kill time, until they received a second call: “We went to buy something and after a few hours he calls us again and tells us: ‘Listen to me, you can come now, there is no problem ‘”.

“They took me to a warehouse for two or three hours and he told me: ‘Until the transfer comes, don’t leave here because I can’t assure you of your well-being’. In the warehouse for two or three hours in the dark with an anxiety that you shit. .. The first thing he did when he got me into the warehouse was to show me a tweet warning me that ‘between 4 or 5 people caught half the number of you… Don’t even think about leaving the warehouse or playing the fool that this is not a joke,'” he added.

The popular artist, in addition to being one of the most listened to on the national scene, He is also known for getting into the odd mess or say everything that comes to mind. For example, he is clear that, in ten years, he sees himself as “President of the Government”, although he still does not know which party. “It will be one that is cool. One that I have founded, since we are putting it on, right? It will be the Party of the Criminals,” he said in an interview with The Spanish.

“I’ve been a thug all my life, until today, the truth. As long as you don’t get caught, you can always evade the law, every day, but carefully. I challenge authority but always in favor of the neighborhood,” he added the political future.