The NBA has offered its help to the family of the former base, who is living with his mental illness on the streets of Washington DC.

West, during a game against the Pistons in April 2009.


Two videos of Delonte West, lying on the streets of Washington DC, shook the NBA on Monday and brought back the scourge of mental illness. The images show the unfortunate state of health of former LeBron James companion, beaten and handcuffed after, according to his own testimony, someone had pointed a gun at him.

Aaron Goodwin, one of his former agents, confirmed that West was indeed the man who appears in both videos. Hours later, some NBA sources “offered all their support” to the family and the former player, who in nine seasons played in Boston, Cleveland, Seattle and Dallas.

At 36, West continues with his descent into hell on the streets of his hometown to the despair of some friends. “Mental illness is something that many people have to live with and we don't even realize it. Until in some cases it's too late,” said Jameer Nelson, his longtime partner at the University of Saint Joseph's.

Bipolar disorder

After his retirement in 2012, West suffered the ravages of disorderly life and his bipolar disorder. “My family tries to get him the best professional help they can afford,” Dmitri, his older brother, explained in an interview with him. Daily Mail.

The problematic relationship with LeBron James and his 10 suspension matches in 2010 for possession of weapons had only represented the beginning of his problems. “It's very painful to see him in that state,” says Phil Martelli, his technician at St. Joe's.

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