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NBA: An NBA cameraman who worked at the Jazz-Pistons before the league's suspension is in a coma for coronavirus | NBA 2019

Gabby Barker





Gobert, the first infected player in the NBA.

A camera operator who film images inside the locker room of the Utah Jazz after a match on March 7 in Detroit you are in a medically induced coma after being diagnosed with coronavirus.

The match was played only four days before the NBA suspended the competition due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The information was released by friends of the cameraman through the local media. The man, approximately 50 years old, has worked for years as part of broadcast teams at NBA games on the “Little Caesars Arena” field.

During the game between the Jazz and the Pistons, the cameraman was tasked with filming interviews in the locker room after the game. It is unknown where, when, or how you contracted the coronavirus the television professional. According to a friend of the affected cameraman, who responds by the name of Grov Tigue, the infected professional, who has not been given his name due to the right to medical privacy, began to feel ill about a week after the game.

Tigue explained that his friend had told him that when the home remedies did not work, on March 18, he decided to go to a hospital in the suburban area of ​​Detroit, where he lives. According to Tigue, the camera infected by the coronovirus sent him a text message informing him that they had put a mask in the exam room of the hospital.

“At 11:11 a.m., he sent me another saying: They say that 'my oxygen level is low. They want to raise him, '”Tigue explained.” But I still didn't have a diagnosis. “” On Thursday I texted him about the (Darius) Slay trade (involving the Detroit Lions) and responded at 1:18. p.m that “I'm still in the hospital.”

“On Saturday I wanted to contact him at 6:47 a.m. and he answered at 3:48 p.m. He said, 'I'm going to be out of contact for a day or so.'” Tigue pointed out that He later learned that the doctors were putting him in a coma. “(The doctors) were unable to get their correct oxygen levels. They removed him from the coma yesterday, Tuesday, but they put him back, “Tigue reported.

The 'zero' party

The authorities consider that that game between Utah Jazz and Detroit Pistons has been the beginning of the contagion among NBA players. French point guard Rudy Gobert and shooting guard Donovan Mitchell, both of the Jazz, and wing forward, Christian Wood, of the Pistons, tested positive for coronavirus.

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