Zaragoza obtained the first victory of the season after beating Albacete with a goal from Colombian Juanjo Narváez and breathes easy because the victory avoids the possibility that the alarms would have been turned on, quite the opposite of his rival who has only achieved one point of 15 possible.

In the whole hand, and despite the two draws in their first two days, there were no emergencies but winning prevents nervousness from entering the scene for a team that, like every season, wants to fight for promotion and, if it had not won It would have made him go in tow as soon as the season started.

And if the triumph of the hand makes him take a breath and endorse the work that his new coach, Rubén Baraja, is proposing, because there is no better moral boost than the victories, on the La Mancha side the situation is totally opposite with a team that suffocates in the lower zone leaving his coach, Lucas Alcaraz, in a delicate situation.

It was a thick and stuck game with hardly any chances, with both teams thinking more about not conceding and not making mistakes behind than about going decisively for the game. No one failed in a resounding way and with a shortage of offensive ideas on the part of both sides, logic was about to prevail, although in the end an excellent Zaragoza combination from the center to the left managed to move and open the foreign defense so that the play ended on Colombian Juanjo Narváez in the 88th minute.

The match began with a strong high pressure from both teams that prevented clear approaches to the areas and any action died in the vicinity of the goalkeepers' domains.

The handy team dominated the ball from the beginning and the game against an opponent who tried to steal but could not do so and on the few occasions that they did, they lacked speed to link any against.

After trying mostly to open the La Mancha containment system on the right side of it, in the end he got a good option to mark Rubén Baraja's team in the 35th minute, although the danger came through the center with a great shot from outside the area with the left of Javi Ros, to whom the foreign goal Tomeu Nadal responded with another great clearance.

With the passage of time, Alba shook the Zaragoza dominance and on its right side with the association between Carlos Isaac and Álvaro Jiménez on a couple of occasions. In one of them, in the 40th minute, a low cross from the first from the baseline walked in front of Cristian Álvarez's goal but “Liberto” Beltrán could not get there.

After the break things did not change much, a couple of times from Zaragoza in minutes 47 and 67 between the pressure of both, with less faith because the forces were running out as the minutes passed, and although both teams made some last minute attempts Only the 'blanquillo' team achieved it after an excellent combination that ended with a pass to the left wing for Carlos Nieto to put a measured pass to Juanjo Narváez and for the Colombian to sentence the game when it seemed that he was going to end the initial equalizer.

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Real Zaragoza: Cristian Álvarez; Tejero, Atienza, Guitián, Chavarría; Larrazábal (Papunashvili, m.82), Eguaras, Javi Ros (Adrián, m.72), Zanimacchia (Bermejo, m.60), “Toro” Fernández (Nieto, m.72) and Narváez.

Albacete: Tomeu Nadal; Carlos Isaac, Kecojevic, Gorosito (Boyomo, m.46), Caballo; Álvaro Jiménez, Jean Jules (Álvaro Peña, min.89), Diamanka, Liberto (Javi Navarro, min.61); Manu Fuster (Chema Núñez, m.61) and Zozulia (Ortuño, m.85).

Goal: 1-0. M.89. Narvaez.

Referee: Ruiz Muñiz (Galician Committee). He gave a yellow card to the local Eguaras, Bermejo and Atienza and the visitors Gorositoy Javi Navarro.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the fifth day of LaLiga Smartbank played at the La Romareda stadium behind closed doors


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