Nagore and his reunion with Atlético: “I am what I am partly thanks to them”

Nagore Calderón will live this Sunday (11:30) a “very special” match against Atlético de Madrid, his former team before signing for Sevilla. The midfielder spoke in statements collected by the Seville club and explained what it means for her to wear the shield of the Nervionense team. “Sevilla today I consider my home. When I arrived here I did it at a difficult time, they opened the doors for me and I consider it that way. It has values ​​with which it is easy to identify and they are quickly instilled in you, you carry them inside and I picked them up very early and it has a philosophy that I like and that I want to continue having, “he said.

The Madrid footballer, who is walking through her fourth season as a Sevilla player, also recalled her time at an Atlético in which she took her first steps. “It is very special. I always say it, I am what I am partly thanks to them, which is where I started, where I grew up, where I won my first Cup … But I have had to face them for several seasons, I have a lot of affection and I know that they also have me. I want them to always go great less when they play against us, “added Nagore before evaluating this season with the Seville team.

This year, luckily everything is on the same page and it makes me feel much better inside “, He said, before exposing: “In previous seasons I had played 6, which is where I am playing this year. Perhaps at the beginning of the season there were players with better capacities for it, but injuries have meant that those people are not there and we have to be there. prepared for what the team asks for. It's a bit of reconnecting, you have to adapt to what the context of the season asks for, It is a beautiful and difficult position, but we are all making a great effort to adapt to what the team needs at that moment. “

In addition, Nagore wanted to underline the good connection he maintains on the green with Virgy García: “We both knew we had to adapt to what the team needed. She has suffered a little more as she is more offensive than me, but we support each other, aware of our shortcomings., but we try to keep those from coming out and with what we have we try to make the team feel balanced in that area, which is what they ask of us. I try to get her closer to the area and enjoy the ball a little more, but we have both accepted the role that the team asks of us to do our best. “

Finally, the Madrid midfielder wanted to highlight the great work of the team this season. “At first nobody gave a penny for us, We were seen as a relegation team and we have shown that we are something more. We have earned respect with work and effort at the group level, There is no one who stands out above anyone else and we continue to show that being eighth is no coincidence, “said Nagore, who indicated what the team's ambitions are:” To achieve that mathematical salvation, but we want to look up and try to fight with the greats ” .

One of those greats will also wait for them in the Cup, with a quarter-final tie at home against Barça. “A lot of people will say that how bad luck that Sevilla got Barcelona in the Cup, but There are so many other teams that would be wanting to be us, so we must value it even knowing that it is complicated and from there to work and dream, “said the midfielder.

Before Sevilla, Nagore Calderón developed almost his entire football career at Atlético de Madrid, with whom in the 2015-16 campaign she was proclaimed champion of the Queen's Cup and played the Champions League before her move to Raise, team in which he played a season. From Valencia he made the leap to Seville in 2017, in which he renewed until the end of this season.