Rafa Nadal lost this Saturday in Paris the opportunity to hunt Novak Djokovic at the top of the historical rankings of finals and Masters 1,000 titles. The Serbian will continue as leader in both sections with 52 and 36 respectively, one more in both cases than the Balearic, who will continue with 51 and 35. In victories he will continue to lead with 389, ahead of Federer (381), Djokovic (365 ) and Murray (215).

More Masters 1,000 titles

Player Titles
1. Novak Djokovic (Ser) 36
2. Rafael Nadal 35
3. Roger Federer (Sui) 28
Four. Andre Agassi (USA) 17

More Masters 1,000 finals

Player Finals
1. Novak Djokovic (Ser) 52
2. Rafael Nadal 51
3. Roger Federer (Sui) fifty
Four. Andre Agassi (USA) 22

Most Masters wins 1,000

Player Victories
1. Rafael Nadal 389
2. Roger Federer (Sui) 381
3. Novak Djokovic (Ser) 365
Four. Andy Murray (GBr) 215

The loss to Zverev also has the consequence that Nadal for the moment does not reduce the difference in the ranking with respect to the number one, the Serbian, who is now 2,180 points. Last year, Rafa could not reach the semifinals, in fact, he retired due to injury before playing them against Denis Shapovalov.

This is how he leaves France without adding up and the 400 he won last year in the ATP Finals in London, which will start next Sunday, November 15, are already discounted. Djokovic takes only the 200 that he scratched there a year ago and is left with 11,630 for the 9,450 of his great rival.